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Ryan Grey has over 9 years of experience. Within the last 4 years, we have established our Trading Strategy which has become one of the fastest ways we have grown our Assets, we trade the following pairs for FX: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY and USDCHF. All our trades are executed algorithmically at the start of the day and we make roughly 5% a week on average. The algorithm connects to our Cloud AI and automatically places the trades we have on in our portfolio on MT4 within 60 seconds of getting turned on.  The same risk management we are using is applied relative to your account size. The software can be set to turn on at 00:30AM place trades and close down MT4 so you can keep using your computer during the day. The auto trading software closes out trades each day at 21:30 London prior to the market close. 

Any location, any experience, anybody.

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Make Your First Million Trading 

Grey Enterprises provides a mechanical strategy and signals to turn 1K into 1M in 12 months. You can learn more about how we our Empowering Futures in our Guide.

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Grey Enterprises provides script access via TradingView for VIP Members. CLICK HERE

Indicator Access

Grey Enterprises provides daily signal confirmations for VIP Members. CLICK HERE

Take on the market with our powerful tools.

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Trade alongside our professional team, using the same platforms, strategies and trading tools.

We breakdown the Science of going from 1K to 1M in 1 Year with clear signlas buy or sell or hold at 00:00GMT every day. We trade all contracts on BitMEX.

Knowledge empowers you!


Learn basic to advanced concepts of trading: algorithmic coding, theory, risk management, personal development and more.


Get access to the latest Trading Scripts we are using that work on Forex, Crypto, Commodities and Stocks.


We deliver 8 signals for BitMEX every day at 00:00 GMT returning 10 to 35% per week on your trading account.


We show you how to set up your BitMEX, TradingView and AutoView so you can manage your account automatically.


We will personally help you with any technical issues you have setting up the Script or regarding risk management.


Our flagship standard - we want to turn as many crypto traders as possible into millionaires in 2019. Learn to trade - don't HODL.

1K21M is a revolutionary concept, which allows anybody, from any background to turn 1K to 1M in 1 year.

Daily Signals on 8 Cryptos - Telegram

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Weekly 10 to 35% Figure Returns ​

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+5927% Return from Trading

+15% Average Trade:

456 Number of Trades

2018 Year

+496% Profit Contributed to Total

+363% Profit Contributed to Total

+184% Profit Contributed to Total


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